Welcome! Our names are James and Lynda Hicks, and we live on the Double-H Ranch, located about 50 miles north of Austin, Texas. We are fortunate to share our lives with each other, our children, dogs, horses and cats.

Lynda became involved in purebred dogs in 1971, with the purchase of her first Afghan Hound puppy, Suni (pronounced “Sunny”). For about 20 years, through the 70's and 80's, she was very active in the sport of purebred dogs, showing both her own and others' dogs in conformation with great success.

Appreciating the great diversity of these wonderful animals, Lynda also ventured into lure coursing and obedience. Although breeding sparingly under the "Suni" kennel name, she produced numerous conformation, field and obedience titled Afghan Hounds and Salukis.

We were married in the late 80’s, and in the early 90's, with 3 children and a business to run, it became obvious that the dog activities would have to be temporarily suspended.

In 2002, our other commitments again allowed us to participate in the sport of purebred dogs. We were fortunate to be able to secure dogs whose bloodlines reach back to the foundation of many of our previous Afghans, and through the generosity of top breeders were able to acquire some exceptional foundation animals. From the start of these excellent animals, we are re-building our foundation, and striding forward into the future.

We are participating in shows, coursing, obedience, rally and agility trials with our wonderful hounds. We hope you enjoy visiting us and our Afghans on this site.

We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!!! .